Check valves

Our check valves are available as screw-in or case valve models. Both models are available with the screwing-in direction blocked or with the screwing-in direction open for flow. The basic materials used are standard steel or stainless steel.

The ball cup remains reliably tight in any position – even after a large number of heavy-duty operating cycles.

They can be fitted easily into standard holes when the matching thread is present. The screw-in valves are sealed with a sealing edge on the case which forms a gap-free chamber with the O-ring. 

This gap-free chamber and the O-ring form a seal that can be opened and closed repeatably. The valve parts are made from high-strength hardened steel whereby the valve seat is specially processed and the patented ball cup is made from a high-strength, hardened and polished ball-bearing ball. The compact design and the simple mode of assembly save a large amount of space.